When Raccoons Need to Be Removed

Raccoons are very dangerous for humans. They are considered as one of the highly intelligent medium-sized mammals in the world. These animals are mainly found in North America but some of species are also widely distributed over Japan and Europe.

Raccoons can be a threat

As the number of raccoons are increasing with time, they are spreading towards the urban areas where humans live. And this has raised a threat for people, as the raccoons don’t have a good image as being a domesticated pet. There are various kinds of threats associated with the raccoons.

Chronic diseases

Raccoons carry a lot of diseases and when they live near people, there is a chance that the diseases can be transmitted to humans. Some of the deadly diseases which are transferred by raccoons are rabies, leptospirosis, and roundworm, which can be transmitted to people as well as pets.

Raccoons carry the rabies virus in their saliva and transmit this virus to whom they bite. When there are eggs in the raccoon’s feces, it is confirmed that the raccoon has roundworms. And if by mistake those eggs are inhaled or ingested by humans, then the risks are infinite. That’s why it is recommended to clean those eggs by using gloves and masks.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease which is mainly caused from contaminated water and soil. This bacteria is passed by infected raccoons through their urine. If a person gets infected, it is very dangerous as it presents a high chance of kidney damage and liver failure. Sometimes this bacteria directly leads to death.

Mysterious attacks on pets

Many times it has been observed that raccoons attack pet animals in the house. As dogs and cats are the most common types of pets, they mainly attack these pets. They will also attack feral cats living outdoors.

Most of the time they prefer to bite the animals and injure them, but it is very easy for raccoons to kill small dogs and cats. So, in the case of raccoon attack, it is recommended to take the pet to the nearest hospital immediately where it can be provided with necessary clinical treatments.

Property damage

Raccoons are popularly known for damaging various household materials. If they get into the house, they mess up everything. The most worst thing is their feces and urine, which are highly infectious in nature and can transmit different chronic diseases to humans as well as pets. Sometimes they dig up the yards and garden in search of bugs, and also eat different plants like fruit trees, peas, and corn.

These are all reasons why it is very important to control raccoons, and do everything possible to keep them out of the home. There is a program called Nuisance Wildlife management, which deals with removing and controlling raccoons. Apart from that, various professional pest control service providers also provide raccoon control methods. If you have a raccoon problem, it is important to contact a professional to either trap or relocate raccoons from your area. Raccoon removal in Tampa Bay by Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control is the best choice.

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